This is an important question to know the answer to if you are interested in restoring your skin to its original youthful appearance. When the body’s collagen supplies are diminished, your skin is going to suffer the obvious effects of aging. For some, these effects can be quite significant. 

For others, the effects may prove minimal but still noticeable. As such, those that are interested in presenting a healthier appearance to the skin should look towards improving and replenishing their collagen.


Once again, this returns us to the original question of “What is collagen?”

The simplest answer would be collagen is a protein which is located in between the dermis and the epidermis layers of the skin. While this may be a basic biological definition of what collagen is, it does not exactly clue most people in on what the purpose of collagen is or how it helps enhance the look of the skin. So, let’s take a closer look at what collagen actually does and how it can enhance and improve the youthful and vibrant appearance of the skin.

The primary purpose of collagen is to act as a connective tissue. You could say its presence in between the dermis and the epidermis serves the purpose of connecting these layers of skin together and providing them with the smooth appearance youthful skin is known for.

Collagen also contributes significantly the maintaining the structure of the cells. Since the cells are the core of all the tissues in the human body – including the skin — collagen’s importance to the human body can never be overstated.

However, it is the skin we are mainly concerned about at this point. To say that the answer to “What is collagen?” would be it is the most vital of all components to skin health would be a tremendous understatement.

In particular, the presence of collagen just might be the most vital of all components to ensuring the skin maintains a decent amount of elasticity while also preventing the presence of lines and wrinkles.

One of the other critically helpful components to the composition of the skin would be elastin. As the name implies, elastin contributes significantly to the firmness and strength of the skin.

When elastin production is weakened or reduced, the effects on the skin become quite noticeable. When the body maintains a steady supply of collagen then the elastin in the body will remain equally strong. The benefits to this would be difficult to miss. Namely, your skin will continue to maintain a strong and healthy appearance.

Ultimately, you could say that the answer to “What is collagen?” would be that it remains among the most important contributors to the presence of healthy and blemish free skin.

When your collagen production is lowered, the skin starts to present the annoying issue of presenting wrinkles, lines, and other age related cosmetic problems. Since not very many people wish to suffer from such issues, they will seek means in which they can enhance their body’s production of collagen.

This is not always an easy process since you have to work againt the hands of time. That is to say, as you age you will discover your natural production of collagen begins to diminish. Do not worry too much though. There are options available to you which can help enhance collagen production.

Collagen injections would be one method. While these injections work the process is invasive and expensive. So, people turn to alternative options such as the topical cream Kollagen Intensiv.

For those wishing to rid themselves of the presence of age related wrinkles, it would be best to look towards an effective antiwrinkle pro-collagen producing product such as this?

The “What is collagen?” question can have a few complex answers to it. However, the easiest way to sum up the answer would be to mention collagen delivers tremendous benefits to those in dire need of restoring the youthful look their skin once possessed.