The quest for products which tackle or reverse the signs of aging has captivated the human race since time immemorial. To a certain degree, we are all judged by our looks and youthfulness, making truly effective anti-aging products – the modern equivalent of the fountain of youth – highly desirable items.

There are many such creams and serums on the market and various influences, such as each customer’s individual expectations and the fact that different products simply operate with different levels of effectiveness on different people’s skin, mean that Kollagen Intensiv reviews have varied.

kollagen intensiv reviews

Anti-aging treatments can generally be viewed in some quarters with a degree of cynicism on account of the sometime held view that desperate people will try almost anything to look younger. This view is probably the origin of the term Kollagen Intensiv scam.

Evidence to support the Kollagen Intensiv scam claims

One of the main criticisms levied against Kollagen products, and the one from which most Kollagen Intensiv scam rumors are likely to derive, is the fact that the treatment is little more than a placebo.

People purchase the product, hoping for excellent results, and simply convince themselves that they look and feel younger and healthier. Actually, so this line of thought runs, the effects are mostly psychological.

In addition, the effects of aging can be vastly affected by other factors, such as hormone levels, stress, quality of diet, hydration levels and tiredness. Critics argue that positive effects are much more likely to be attributable to one of these explanations than from using Kollagen Intensiv products.

Basically, this arm of the argument says that it is almost impossible to judge anti-aging effects when there are so many other parameters which vary on a daily basis.

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Evidence to counter the Kollagen Intensiv scam claims

First of all, the product is based upon pure scientific principles. Collagen is the protein which is present in the human body and serves a number of health and well-being purposes, such as to support and connect bones and muscles and provide strength to the body’s organs.

It keeps skin healthy and supple, and also gives it its shape and texture. One of the key factors in the aging process is that, over time, the body loses its ability to produce new collagen and this manifests itself with physical symptoms such as saggy skin and wrinkles.

In order to tackle the effects of anti-aging, Kollagen Intensiv operates to stimulate the body’s production of collagen (without containing collagen itself). Collagen molecules rarely penetrate the skin effectively through creams or serums.

However, Kollagen Intensiv does not suffer from this problem and so, in most people (including myself), the effects of lines and wrinkles are significantly reversed over a period of several weeks. Over time, the skin begins to feel firmer and better hydrated.

The results I experienced were sufficient for me to confidently dispel the myth of the Kollagen Intensiv scam. It is also gentle enough that it can be used on extremely soft and sensitive skin, and many retailers will offer money back guarantees.

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Verdict: ignore unfounded rumors of a Kollagen Intensiv scam

Happily, I decided not to ignore evidence of a Kollagen Intensiv scam, electing to try the product for myself. On my own skin, the effects were too noticeable and effective to be passed off as psychological. Even on days when I felt severely fatigued, I felt that my skin was able to betray these feelings of tiredness.