Like many other middle aged people, I have long been concerned about the effects of aging. I feel that I am almost constantly being judged, at least to a certain extent, upon my appearance. This means that when I know that I am looking and feeling my best, I am also much happier, more confident and more successful.Best Wrinkle Cream

Regular use of anti-aging products has, for several years now, been a part of this overall routine; in fact, it has been a part which I have valued very highly but approached with a great deal of caution. I have invested quite a lot of time and money into finding the best wrinkle cream.

Whilst it is certainly true to say that different people’s skin respond with varying degrees of success to certain treatments, it is equally true to say that there are some very good anti-aging creams and serums and some which, frankly, serve very little purpose whatsoever.

I believe that I have sampled my fair share of both and my current preference – Kollagen Intensiv – was one which I initially had quite serious concerns about. However, I am now very glad that I gave my best wrinkle cream a fair try.

Kollagen Intensiv actively markets itself on the fact that it does not contain collagen – a protein produced naturally in the body and associated with all the positive effects of good skin, bones and joints. However, it uses the linked moniker ‘Kollagen’ on account of the fact that it promotes the body’s natural creation of collagen.

Initially, I felt that this would make it inferior to collagen based products which, however inconveniently, expensively and painfully, were able to artificially increase the body’s reservoir of collagen. I didn’t think it had potential to become my best wrinkle cream.

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However, the results were undeniable. The first thing to note was how quickly I noticed changes. I identified a decreasing severity in wrinkle lines by the end of the first week and my skin also benefitted from far greater levels of hydration, as well as much reduced levels of irritation and inflammation.

However, a week is not long enough to reach conclusive judgment, since there are a number of other factors – like stress and tiredness levels – which could play contributory factors. However, at this stage, I had revised my opinion and secretly hoped that this could become my best wrinkle cream.

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However, for a period of at least 3 months, I continued to notice improved effects.  Thereafter, I believe that they are continuing, although probably at a less stark rate. It did not take me very long to go from skepticism to finding a new best wrinkle cream.

Price and convenience are 2 other reasons why Kollagen Intensiv is now my best wrinkle cream. It is extremely easy to apply on a twice daily basis. One of the glaring disadvantages of pure collagen treatments was that it was extremely difficult to coax such a large molecule across the surface of the skin.

The best way was probably through the use of regular, painful and expensive injections. Kollagen Intensiv, for me, circumvents this requirement. It is much cheaper and, once I knew that this was my best wrinkle cream, I could benefit from generous bulk purchase discounts.

One slight disadvantage is that I do need to apply it every day – if I stop the treatment then I do notice adverse effects. However, this is also true for other treatments and merely reflects and confirms the way in which the product works.

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