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Reviewed by: Rebecca on May 30, 2010

Clinically proven product. It's all in one cream so in other words it reduces: crows feet, sagging eye lids, dark circles, puffiness. Kollagen Intensiv is being manufactured in USA but original formula was rooted in Switzerland.

Important (updated on the 25th of May, 2018): Kollagen Intensiv is available as a free trial which means that you should pay for S/H only. Click the button above and grab a free bottle now

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Full Review

There are a number of comments and snippets of information which have been published on the internet and which relate to the anti-aging product, Kollagen Intensiv.

I have been motivated to sit down and write this full product review because, despite this, there is very little in depth material about Kollagen Intensive.

When reading customer comments it is often tough to distinguish marketing propaganda from genuine customer feedback and, in addition to this and in common with other products, Kollagen Intensiv review statements will naturally vary – some people will be more impressed than others; some people’s skin will react to the product in a different way to others.

My intention and motivation in writing this Kollagen Intensiv review is primarily to deliver the information in a more grounded, factual and scientific dialogue, in order to give a full picture – and not just a discrete tit-bit – of the subject.


The importance of anti-aging products in my life

As a middle-aged woman, I have become used over a period of years to receiving regular judgment based on my looks. Rightly or wrongly, it is undeniable that these prejudices exist in our society and will probably continue to do so for many years to come.

I have used some form of anti-aging product for approximately the last 20 years of my life and work this into my schedule as one strand of an overall regime (which also includes healthy diet, regular hydration, regular sleeping patterns, regular exercise and yoga classes).

kollagen intensiv reviews

I know that when I look and feel at my optimum levels, I also approach my day-to-day life with greater zest, vigor and confidence, which has positive impacts on important areas of my life, such as my career and my private life.

I have experienced a wide range of results, some positive effects and some negative ones. For many years, even using successful anti-aging products, my quest for knowledge was never completely sated as I was always looking for the latest developments and improvements.

I was therefore interested to read some of the brief Kollagen Intensiv review snippets which appeared online and in a variety of other media forms.


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How do anti-aging products work?

I have picked up a wide level of knowledge on this particular area by reading Kollagen Intensiv review snippets and other scientific information relating to similar products.

The starting point is a brief few lines about a protein called collagen. This is formed naturally in the body and, to put in overly-simple terms, it is one of the most important compounds your body uses to help you look and feel great.

Amongst its many claims to fame, good levels of collagen will result in your body boasting skin which is tight, radiant, firm and flexible. It also helps to bind together different bones, muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments meaning that a body with high levels of collagen will be more supple and flexible.

The problem is that, over the course of a lifetime, the body becomes less efficient at producing collagen. In turn, this means that the youthful joints and radiant skin which you possessed as a child are replaced by creaking joints, brittle bones, saggy skin and wrinkles.

The anti-aging fight, in most circumstances, therefore concentrates on the issue of collagen, usually by attempting to introduce higher quantities of it into the body.


Does Kollagen Intensiv work?

Many of the Kollagen Intensiv review pieces I have chanced upon have noted the fact that the serum is a highly natural remedy with few, if any, unpleasant side effects.

It is easy to obtain and apply and avoids the pain, expense and unpleasantness which, for example, is associated with collagen injections.

If you are scared of long, scientific-sounding names, then reading the ingredients list could be somewhat of a daunting procedure. To put it in simple terms, the serum is a mixture of high quality vitamins, minerals, peptides, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, enzymes and essential oils.

natural wrinkle cream

According to most Kollagen Intensiv review material, the mixture intends to nourish, mend and invigorate the skin. Different ingredients perform different roles, but one of the major tasks is to encourage the body to produce more of its own supply of collagen.

This is done in 2 ways – first, by using stimulating ingredients (including Shea Butter) and secondly, by discouraging stress on the system which the body uses to produce collagen (including certain peptides).

The treatment is applied twice daily – in the morning and then again in the evening.

Much of the Kollagen Intensiv review material indicated that results could be seen extremely quickly, even before the end of the first week.

Despite initial skepticism, I did record a positive result in the first week but I am sufficiently savvy on this subject to recognize that this could just as easily have been put down to another factor like tiredness or stress, or even just a placebo effect.

However, regular use over a sustained period of 3 months has convinced me that the product does have significant and impressive anti-aging properties. My average confidence and self-esteem have been much higher since discovering Collagen Intensive.


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I have listed some of the most obvious advantages and disadvantages below:

    • It is a natural treatment so you do not need to have it prescribed by a doctor.
    • It promotes the body’s natural production of collagen, rather than adding it artificially. Many other treatments try to encourage the body to take on board additional collagen. However, it is a large compound which does not permeate easily through the skin. Regular injections tackle this problem to an extent, but are expensive, painful and inconvenient.
    • There are no unpleasant side effects.
    • It is quick and simple to apply.
    • Noticeable results appear quickly.
    • It is comparatively cheap to obtain. Additionally, there are generous bulk discounts and, unusually for this type of product, a 100% money back guarantee.

kollagen intensiv reviews

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natural wrinkle cream



    • Since Kollagen Intensive works predominantly by encouraging the body to generate more collagen (and by protecting the collagen system from stress), if you stop taking the wrinkle treatment, your skin and joints are likely to revert back to their original state.
    • As with most anti-aging products, the effects will vary between different people, meaning that you might not think that you have benefitted as much as your friends.



I wanted to discover whether the anti-aging effects of Collagen Intensiv were real or whether the product fell into the unwanted category of promising high but delivering low.

I am glad that I made the time and financial investment in doing this, because I have been rewarded by discovering the best anti-wrinkle cream I have ever used.

The visible results have been more noticeable than for any other anti-aging product I have previously used. This has resulted in firmer and more supple skin and joints, meaning that I approach almost every day of my life feeling fitter, healthier and much more confident. Thank you Kollagen Intensiv!

I hope you’ve found this Kollagen Intensiv Review helpful!


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